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Parents: Now You Can Feel Good About Serving Up Ice-Cream

My wife and I are always on the hunt for more healthy ideas for our kids (and ourselves). She found this post:

It’s absolutely awesome. It’s healthy, and it will take maybe 5-10 minutes out of your day to go make this. Skeptical? Test it out. See what you think after making some. The base ingredient is full-fat coconut milk, which you can pick up for a couple of dollars per can. The fruity taste comes from (surprise!) ACTUAL FRUIT, and you add just enough sweetness so it takes like a summer treat. Stevia is great, but if you must use actual sugar I’d suggest raw honey or maple syrup. Again, use just enough to get a satisfying level of sweetness.

My bet: You’ll be one step further down the road to realizing that it’s actually pretty easy to feed your family healthy, real food.

If you’d like to see more short blog posts with quick healthy recipe ideas then tell me in the comments section.

Enjoy your children,
Chris Thompson

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