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Answers to Common Questions

How will I access the product? You'll be given a password to login right on this site. You'll be able to listen from here OR download everything to your local device.

Can I buy this as a gift for my son or daughter? Yes, I get a lot of grand parents buying this course for themselves, or for their kids. To gift the course, just buy it and forward the login information to the recipient. I’m totally fine with grand parents buying a copy for themselves and sharing acces with their children. I want you to have these tools!

Can I download the course material? Yes you can. But if you prefer to go through the course online right here on the website you can do that too. Your login will work anytime, anyhwere.

Will this work with mobile device sucha sn an iPad, iPhone or Android? Yes. We've completely redesigned the entire site to be mobile compatible.

How do I know this course will help with my specific problems? Talking to Toddlers is a toolbox. It teaches you how to solve most types of toddler problems. But I realize some customers are facing unusual circumstances and worry that my course won’t help. If that’s the case, just ask for a refund. I won’t get upset about it. I’m here to help.

What age is this suitable for? This course is ideal for working with kids age 2-6. I say this because at the age of 2 kids usually have a pretty good grasp of language, and after the age of 6 their logical mind develops further, which means you can add other tools to your parenting toolbox.  But the stuff in the Talking to Toddlers course really has no upper limit. Use it on your spouse if you want :)

I’m not so technical. Will this be difficult to use? If you know how to enter an email address and password you'll be fine. The lessons play right here on the website similar to how videos play on YouTube.  

How long does the course take to complete? Each lesson will take you about 20 minutes. I recommend you use one lesson per day, and you’ll finish in under 2 weeks. There are 12 lessons.

I prefer to read. Do you have a written version? Yes. You get an ebook version of the course along with the audios.

What if my computer dies on me? That's the beauty of having a password to login. No matter what computer or mobile device you use you can access the course from anywhere.